Working on the Farm of My Sims 4 Dreams

The final version of the Farm with no CC is completed and uploaded to the gallery. You can see all the changes I made and the finalization of areas on the Farm on this new blog post: Farm With No CC for Sims 4

I had to make several changes to omit any custom content that I had used when doing this article that I wasn’t even aware of having been included. I like the final version even better than this one and I hope you will, also. Unfortunately, the Cowplant was not included in the final version as I had so much trouble keeping it alive. I have another Cowplant on another farm that is extremely healthy, so I am not sure why I couldn’t get this one to survive. But, you do get a dead version of it as a decoration!

If you’d like to have this Farm as a home for your sims you can download it from the gallery.

  • EA ID: NewAgerJul
  • Item Name: FARM – No CC!


I am working on designing a Farm for The Sims 4 Gallery that will use no custom content (CC). I use almost all CC on creating my sims and I try to build my homes using as little as possible. In this first pic, you can see I’ve failed on having absolutely none because the white greenhouse and the little soil flats and pots are CC. I don’t have very many game packs or stuff packs and so my choices are a bit limited. I intend to remove them before uploading to the gallery for those that wish to play with no CC and then will upload it again including the links to get those items for those that like to use CC.

Garden HerbsVegetables

This garden area includes Grapes and Bonsai shrub on the left side of the fence and in the enclosed area are Tomatoes, Onions, Spinach, Sage, Basil, Parsley, Potatoes, Carrots, Napnip, Catnip, Madnip, Nuzzlenip, Birds of Paradise and Lilly flowers.

Garden Mushrooms and Flowers

At the base of the steps, there are two little garden areas on each side. The left side includes Bluebell flowers and Mushrooms. On the right side are Snapdragons, Bluebell, Chrysanthemum, Daisy, Tulip, Orchid and a Rosebush. These flowers are all growable and harvestable.

Garden Mushrooms

This is a close up of the Bluebells and Mushrooms at the bottom of the steps.

Garden Trees

Now, here are the fruit trees in their own garden area! Starting to the left in the fenced area we have Plantains, Apples, Forbidden Fruit, Glowfruit, Tentacle Tree, Pear, Pomegranate, Cherry and Lemon Trees. At the front on the outside of the fenced area are Strawberries, Blackberries, Dragonfruit, Quills, Intergalactic Growth Pods and a Glow Orb plant. You can see the hired gardener tending the garden.

Garden Trees at night

I wanted to show how the tree garden area magically glows at night.

Garden Cow and death

Last but not least is a garden area where I put a Cowplant and Death Flowers. I locked the gate to keep the pets out so if the Cowplant gets too hungry the little pets aren’t his next tasty meal! The Death Flower is what you need to give to the Reaper to try to save someone who died.

I have the house and barn and most of the yard completed. I’ve got lots of little landscaping areas to work on before it will be ready to upload to the gallery. Keep an eye on my blog and in some of the Sims 4 facebook groups for when it’s been uploaded if you’d like to have it as one of your places.

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