3BR Adult/Teen Home (cc)

The 3BR Adult/Teen Home (cc) is designed for a family with teen children but modifying it to suit your needs is something we all tend to do. The custom content (cc) in the home is only the walls, floors and rugs that were used. If you don’t want to download the cc from the links listed at the bottom of this post, the game will replace it with system defaults and you can then change the walls, floors and rugs to suit your own style and colors.

There’s plenty of open yard area for your family and pet(s) to play. The home was designed to have a cat but changing it to a dog or removing the pet stuff completely is possible and easy to do.

09-12-18_7-04-32 AM

Overview Layout of Property

09-12-18_7-04-41 AM

Overview Layout with Roofs Showing

09-12-18_7-02-19 AM

An angle with walls semi-up

The meditation and yoga area is always one of my favorites for the sims to use.

09-12-18_7-18-51 AM

Meditation/Yoga Room

It has some plants that already growing and can be harvested. There is plenty of space to add some of your choosing. It has bees, too!

09-12-18_7-05-32 AM


Here are additional picture for you to see how it looks and how a family may interact. All of my homes are created with a family living in them so I can see how the placement of objects and overall design is handled by a sim family.


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If you’d like this as a home for your sims you can download it from the EA gallery. Remember to include custom content when searching. Use bb.moveobjects when placing the home.

  • EA ID: NewAgerJul
  • Item Name: 3BR Adult/Teen Home (cc) 

CC Links:



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